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Benefits of Fingerprint Access Control

Fingerprint access control is becoming more and more popular.  A fingerprint scanner will scan a user’s fingerprint and determine whether they have the right permissions to access a specific area.

Most other security systems have a higher risk of breaches caused by employee error. Someone can take advantage of a badge carelessly left behind to access a secure area.  What if a worker left their work badge at home? Fingerprint-based systems provide additional security.  It is difficult for criminals to duplicate a fingerprint.  Fingerprints can’t get misplaced and employees can’t forget to bring their fingerprint to work.

Fingerprint based systems can save money on hardware and material costs.  For example, a fingerprint based system tends to consist of a simple fingerprint reader and software.  In addition to this, most upgrades to the system come in the form of software-based upgrades.  With fingerprint systems, you don’t have to worry about reprogramming badges, assigning employee passcodes or maintaining inventory thus resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Another great advantage of this type of access control is time managemnt.  Since time theft can cost a company a large amount of money, using a fingerprint scanner will prevent abuse of access control, for example a coworker clocking another employee in or out.  Each fingerprint scan can be logged via time and attendance software which will determine hours and location.  This a a valuable tool to any HR department making making light work of time and attendance. Therefore this results in more accurate time logs and fewer mistakes.

In conclusion:-


It provides extra security. This type of access control is more secure, since the fingerprint is a unique and unrepeatable characteristic in each person.

Low maintenance cost.  Compared to other systems, this type of access control has a much lower maintenance cost.

Doesn´t require additional devices for opening the door. With the fingerprint access control, there is no need for using traditional keys, cards/fobs and switches.

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