Automated Gates

Automated Gates

Why Automate Your Gates?


Automated gates add security and privacy to any home or business. With advancements in technology, correctly fitted automated gates can be extremely safe.  It is very common for driveway gates to remain open the majority of the time.  This is usually due to weather or that the person is fed up with constantly opening and closing. Automated gates open at a push of a button and will close automatically behind you. Additional aerials can be fitted so that the gate will start opening even when your 200m away.

Ways to Automate Your Gates


Usually the cheapest and easiest way to have automated gates is to fit articulated or hydraulic arms. The actual automation kit used depends on what type of gate you have. A wooden gate usually requires a stronger system due to the “sail” effect it can have whereas a metal gate can usually have a lower, 24v kit.

Below ground automation is most commonly used on metal gates. This is due to the “open panel” design a metal gate usually has. Most customers don’t want to lose the appearance of the gate by having a standard above ground arm fitted. Below ground systems are basically a box either side placed in the ground. An arm connects to the bottom of the gate allowing it to open and close. More costly then above ground kits but aesthetically more pleasing.

All or our installed automated gates are loaded with the latest safety technology. From auto stop and return to being pressure sensitive. Photo cells can also be used.  They are two points with an invisible beam between. If anything breaks the beam the automation won’t move. Safety edges can also be used to prevent entrapment areas.

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