Lessons From The World Cup

I am not the biggest football fan I’ll admit, however I do get caught up in the hype from the England world cup campaign.  The sense of pride takes over and all of a sudden I am a football expert!  I can quite happily sit on my sofa screaming and shouting at the TV about how it was a rubbish pass/shot.  During this campaign though I was full of praise for the young lads. They played really good, clean and calm, football.  Now our road to the final has been blocked, looking at the journey I can see a few things that we can all consider in our day to day lives.


Of all the world cups I have seen I have never experienced such a huge level of positivity for the guys.  Consider this, how many pessimistic successful people have you seen?  I really believe that positivity fuels success!  It gives you that drive, fuel for that fire to achieve what you want to achieve.  Pessimistic people will complain and make excuses as to why they haven’t reached their goal in business or life.  Positive people will learn from the experience to aid them to that goal.  England crashed out last night, however it was not all doom and gloom!  They achieved something that hasn’t been achieved for like 28 years!  They are a young positive team with a positive manager who no doubt will have learnt from this experience to go that bit further next time!


Having that positive attitude isn’t enough, you need to have the determination to see things through.  Take the Columbia game.  We started with such positivity.  We were met however with dirty tactics and quite frankly a game that was to test the lad’s nature.  What did they do?   They kept their cool, didn’t rise to it and kept their mind on the task in hand.  It was a very very tense and hard game of football that had everyone on the edge of their seats.  Their determination meant they could keep going, right until the very end.  They didn’t let Columbia get the better of them.  They were there to play a good game of football, and they had the determination to do just that!  We can all do the same.  When it gets hard, keep the focus!  We have been shown what the underdog can achieve!

It was good  for the country

Whether you are a football fan or not, we as a country needed this level of positivity and excitement after a really tough 18 months. We have seen some awful things on our TV screens.  Westminster Attack, Manchester Bombing, London Bridge Attack, Finsbury Park Attack, Parsons Green Bomb, Grenfell Fire, Salisbury and now Amesbury Novichok poisoning. I know there are some people that are sick of hearing about England & the world cup, but after all this, isn’t it nice to put the TV on and see such positivity and pride instead of fear and tragedy?  I say it again, after the last 18 months it is so refreshing to see such positivity splashed across all media platforms!  Positivity is the fuel we all need to drive our determination!

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