ANPR Solutions

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention. It does this through the use of high speed image capture with supporting illumination, detection of characters within the images provided, verification of the character sequences as being those from a vehicle license plate and character recognition to convert the image to text.

Our ANPR barrier systems makes light work of access control. The database can store information associated with a number plate, including the vehicle make, model and colour along with all driver details. Vehicles can be categorised into known sub-categories such as staff, contractors and delivery drivers. Additionally,  any suspect vehicles can be tagged for future alerts when they arrive on-site. Permitted access periods may be defined to only allow entry to certain groups of vehicles at particular times.

Positioned at site entrances with barriers or gates, our ANPR cameras can read all approaching number plates and grant access dependent on matching the incoming number plate against the database of authorised users.
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ANPR Cameras with Barriers

ANPR cameras play a vital role controlling car park barriers and automated gates. The vehicle will approach the closed barrier; If the vehicle has been added to the monitored management service, the barrier will open allowing access. When the number plate isn’t recognised, the barrier will remain closed. Some customers will include an intercom system to override the barrier allowing deliveries etc to pass through.

ANPR systems are regularly used in private car parks, residential properties that share one entrance and can be also added to public paying car parks. RJS Systems can help choose which set up is right for you and install then maintain your ANPR equipment.

ANPR Barrier Set up Example

ANPR camera systems

Dinion Capture 5000

The DINION capture 5000 is a specialty camera designed to capture consistent, high-quality images of vehicle license plates. Available in both IP and analogue versions, it is ideal for monitoring car parks and public areas, as well as for controlling vehicle access. The DINION capture 5000 overcomes the problems encountered when using conventional surveillance cameras in vehicle identification and automatic license plate recognition applications. The Night Capture Imaging System delivers a burst of infrared illumination and simultaneously filters out visible light to ensure clear license plate images in complete darkness while eliminating the negative effects of headlight glare. Advanced Ambient Compensation minimizes plate over exposure from sunlight for more accurate automatic license plate recognition. Finally, adjustable imaging modes allow for fine-tuning the imager for specific regions or license plate recognition algorithms.

ANPR Camera:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are high resolution monochrome all-in-one cameras that come with a 10-40mm varifocal auto iris lens. The camera has 20 special IR LED lights and incorporates dual glass technology which completely eliminates IR LED reflection in to the lens at night. ANPR cameras are mounted in robust aluminium tube housing. The camera captures image of moving vehicles up to 110mph at a distance of up to 30 metres. The camera is IP66 rated and can be fitted outdoors. The bracket supplied can move in 2 Axis and also allows cable management.


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