Service and Maintenance

We install and service all our cameras and barriers with a yearly service with an option to have it twice a year at additional costs.

Our maintenance plans consist of one (or two at an additional cost) preventative maintenance visit(s) to your site each year to complete a full CCTV service as below.

Regular servicing of your CCTV system enables us to check for signs of spiders, dust, dirt, general wear and deterioration from weather. All factors which reduce the efficiency of your system.

We also service barriers and turnstiles.

Cameras, fixed domes and PTZ’s
  • The testing and re adjusting of focus and video levels on all cameras.
  • Testing of external camera housings including de-misters where appropriate.
  • Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g growing trees and bushes.
  • Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate.
  • Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions where appropriate.

Infrared illuminators
  • Test all photocells and infrared lamps for correct operation.

Junction Boxes
  • Check and tighten all connections

Power Supplies
  • Check and tighten all connections

  • Adjust DVR time and date display as required, and check equipment settings
  • Carry out test reviewing of recordings
  • Check video data connections between all control equipment re-terminate and crimp as required.

Radio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Clean and check connections and power supplies

Contact us to discuss your maintenance options.

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